Born With a Map of the (Imaginary) World Simply Walk Into Mordor On the Isle of Unintended Consequences The Ever-Cold Morgue Shauna
birthmarks become imaginary map Middle Earth on Google Maps by Karl Trautman Beauchamp Asylum or ice machine? Shauna, a map work of Matthew Cusick
birthmarks become imaginary map

Born With a Map of the (Imaginary) World

This birthmark map is actually quite extensive. I’d like to see it on paper in some cartographic projection.

Middle Earth on Google Maps

Simply Walk Into Mordor

Mordor, recreated in the style of Google Maps. See the comments on this Geekologie post for the best imaginary-map suggestion yet. Fortunately, Geekologie also links to a real interactive map of Middle Earth.

by Karl Trautman

On the Isle of Unintended Consequences

Submitted by Friend of the Atlas Karl Trautman:

Beauchamp Asylum or ice machine?

The Ever-Cold Morgue

I love this map because it is the schematic of an ice machine made into the floor plan of an asylum. Needless to say, it includes a room called “The Ever-Cold Morgue.”

Shauna, a map work of Matthew Cusick


One of the map works of Matthew Cusick (via Juxtapoz):

Poictesme, from James Branch Cabell's novels

The Doubtful Palace

“Poictesme is a mythical French province, appearing in a series of novels by James Branch Cabell” and referenced on a page of terrific imaginary maps.

board game of thrones board

A Board Game of Thrones

A quick Google has not revealed to me who designed the map and board for the Game of Thrones board game, but whoever it is, they’ve done a fine job. (Click to embiggen, then click again.)

memoir map, with exhortation to good art

& Make Good Art.

Writer Patrick Ross‘s map of his memoir-in-progress:

Political map of Europe, 2022

And Another Europe: 2022

Via The Reformed Broker:

Jessica Gadsby's Windsor

Butterflies of Windsor

Immediately striking, Jessica Gadsby‘s map of Windsor (submitted by the artist):  

The Homeworld Universe

The Homeworld Universe

Spotted on The Wertzone (and browse the hi-res version, complete with text)

Minecraft of Moria

The Minecraft of Moria

The map above shows the Mines of Moria as extensively excavated in Minecraft by over 40 volunteers, who dug out as many as 10 million blocks in the course of its construction. This extremely impressive mine (which you can tour on imgur) was apparently based on the mine as laid out in the movies based on the Fellowship of [...]