2013 March

Axxidium, setting for a planned Dungeons & Dragons campaign

Early Draft of Axxidium

A nice look at an early draft of a map for a Dungeons & Dragons campaign, submitted by the creator, Friend of the Atlas @vidofnir84. Circles are towns, crossed circles are capital cities, triangles are named peaks — though the composition of the campaign is in such early stages that geographic features have yet to [...]

Galaxy Plan of Auroville

The Universal Township of Auroville

There’s a lot of discovery to do behind this one, so strap in. That said, you’ll need to do it yourself; I’ll be passing you off as soon as I’ve introduced you to Auroville, an experimental township in India founded in 1968 as “a universal town where men and women of all countries are able [...]

Mercator Projection of Auberean from Asheron's Call

Dereth in Context: The World of Asheron’s Call

This Mercator Projection of a globe not unlike the Earth depicts Auberean, the planet on which the massively multiplayer online games Asheron’s Call and Asheron’s Call 2 are set. The games take place in a relatively small area, however: the island of Dereth, which can be seen at the southwest of the small triangular continent at the [...]

The Woodcut World of Empire

The Woodcut Empire

This woodcut map was created for Empire, a “live roleplaying” game (otherwise known as “live-action roleplaying”) run by an English company called Profound Decisions. It’s a simple and attractive representation of the world, rendered in a medium not generally part of games and gaming, but somehow perfectly appropriate here. The map was submitted by two [...]

A great city, all tidied up

Everything Tidy: The Graphical Anagrams of Armelle Caron

French artist Armelle Caron  has taken it upon herself to tidy up several of the world’s great cities (as well as Tamarac, Florida) in what she calls graphical anagrams. Can you guess which city is represented here? See the original after the jump, and see her gallery of tidied cities for more.

Eurion and its ocean currents

The Currents of Eurion

This gorgeous world map of green continents against a black ocean background was created by ProFantasy mapmaking software user Mateus Buffone for a role-playing game setting. The ocean currents give the map an essential quality, a quiddity or completeness, that few other RPG maps demonstrate. You can see the evolution of the map, from its relatively [...]

Film map concocted from the titles of 900 films

On the Shores of Reservoir Dogs

Design firm Dorothy sells this “Film Map,” created in the style of vintage LA street maps, but concocted from the titles of some 900 films. (Spotted originally at The Atlantic Cities blog.) The full map: Dorothy also sells a “Song Map” in the style of a London street map made of the titles of 390 [...]

Robert Rauschenberg's Mother of God

Mother of God

Robert Rauschenberg‘s Mother of God, from around 1950, which I found via @Fifepsy and the Fife Psychogeographical Collective, was assembled from pieces of maps of American cities (the names of some of which can still be read), cut up and pasted over a field of white paint. I like the piece for the wonder it [...]

Strangereal, the world of Ace Combat

Strangereal, the World of Ace Combat

Strangereal provides the backdrop for the Ace Combat series of games from Namco. Its geography was created by a massive asteroid, “possibly the biggest in the whole Ace Combat world,” which broke into a thousand pieces just before it struck the Earth on July 3, 1999.  One can imagine this world map (submitted by Friend [...]

A paper map of Vvardenfell

Morrowind on Paper, and Explorable via Google Maps

Friend of the Atlas @nickhide passed along this ChickGeekGames blog post containing a raft of imaginary maps depicting various game worlds. (See also Part 2 of the post.). Among them is this finely drawn map of Vvardenfell, scanned from the paper map that came with Morrowind. FotA @Strange_Bundle also passed along this explorable map of the same world, built on [...]

Australia, with imagined interior

The Australian Interior, A Cultural Imagining

“This map of Australia (1827), relatively accurate in its coastal profile, is filled with imaginary mountain ranges, rivers and deltas. Its place names, grid and topographical assumptions derive from European cultural conventions unrelated to the landscape depicted, a landscape which the Aborigines had already mapped in minute and reliable detail.” – from David Turnbull’s Maps Are Territories: [...]

Saving Middle Earth

The Map of the Game of the War of the Ring

This game board is used to fight the War of the Ring from J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings books. If you know the books, the map will be immediately recognizable. The game is often played with painted or unpainted miniatures — such as Frodo and Sam, who here have just cast the One Ring [...]