2013 April

Norrath, the world of EverQuest

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The map above — now nearly 15 years old — represents Norrath, the setting of the 1999 MMO EverQuest, one of the cornerstones of the genre, and its sequel, EverQuest2. The next game in the series, EverQuest Next, will apparently take place in a “parallel world” of Norrath in which some locations may reappear, though whether [...]

World of Experience

World of Experience

Discovered on exp.lore.com, this very fine map is part of The Atlas of Experience, a book mapping quarters of the human condition. (Click to embiggen.)

Disneyland map, from National Geographic

Where I Am Today

They don’t call it Imagineering for nothing.

The Sticky Parts, by Dahlia Elsayed

Pitstops and Fast Getaways

The painting above (spotted on Hyperallergic), The Sticky Parts, by Dahlia Elsayed, is from the Contemporary Cartographies exhibit now showing at the Lehman College Art Gallery in Bronx, NY. Taking maps as “schema for delineating borders, establishing relationships, and giving shape to the idea of place,” the exhibit showcases a couple of dozen works and [...]

Wren's London

The London That Might Have Been

From the Londonist: “James Macdonald sends us this map of the Square Mile. At first glance, it looks like any humdrum professional map of the City, but look closely. The financial heart of the capital seems now to be based on a grid system, with long boulevards stretching from Ludgate to Leadenhall and Tower to [...]

Small map. Modified technique.

Not Your City. Nor Mine.

“Small map. Modified technique.”

Secret World map on human skin

Map of a Secret World, Printed on Human Skin

An imaginary map, that is, one found in the massively multiplayer online game The Secret World. Or in this case, discovered on Reddit. While I hoped the Google might turn up the genuine article, it seems the closest it (he? they?) could come is a book in the collection of the Newberry library in Chicago. [...]

DungeonMorph randomized dungeon dice sides

Roll Your Own Dungeon Maps

The image above displays all 30 sides of five different dungeon-making dice, which can be rolled to produce randomized dungeon maps in a practically endless number of combinations and used in your next Dungeons & Dragons session, with your favorite role-playing game, or simply for the basis of your next fantasy novel. Also available are [...]

Spencer Charles's Map of the Known Universe

The Known Universe as an Imaginary Place

The map above, at first glance, may not look like it represents our solar system, but look again and all the planets fall into place. This topological recasting of the topography of space gives the map an imaginary quality — indeed, I first discovered it in use as a setting for the Savage Worlds role-playing [...]

A New Yorker's Idea of the United States of America

POV Maps: Geography in the Eye of the Beholder

While illustrator Saul Steinberg‘s map of the United States and Asia, View of the World from 9th Avenue (shown at the end of this post), was the point-of-view map that spawned a raft of imitators (and is certainly one of the great cartographical reimaginings of recent times), it was hardly the first. The map above (found on [...]

Magic Marker map drawn at age 11

A World Created at Age 11

Redditor starkeffect posted the map below recently, and wrote, “I drew this map (using Magic Markers) of a world I created when I was 11 and really into LOTR. I also wrote a short book based on this world, longhand, in a spiral notebook.” I like the phrasing here: the world already existed when the map [...]

Tyria world map, Guild Wars 2

Hues of Tyria: Guild Wars 2

There’s a very attractive and painterly quality to the maps found in the massively multiplayer online game Guild Wars 2, with particular care taken with the color palette. The map below shows an overview of the world of Tyria, in which the game takes place, but maps of smaller areas, such as the one at [...]