2013 May

Milly-Molly-Mandy map

(where Milly-Molly-Mandy lives)

It took poking around for imaginary maps to lead me to Joyce Lankester Brisley‘s Milly-Molly-Mandy books from the 1920s (which I originally discovered here), but I’m glad it did. It seems only fitting to reproduce the map of Millicent Margaret Amanda’s village as scanned from a book in order to sing the praises of storybook [...]

Nuketown map from Call of Duty: Black Ops

Black Ops: Nuketown Paintball

Though I die a thousand deaths each time I play it, 2010′s Call of Duty: Black Ops was one of the most engaging multiplayer first-person shooter games going. One fun, fast map was known as Nuketown (pictured above, and below), which was remade for 2012′s Black Ops 2. Now that map has been remade — but as [...]

City of Kingspoint, from the Goldtree Engine

Taking the Goldtree Engine to Kingspoint

Precious little information is available about a piece of software once known as The Goldtree Engine, vintage something like 1993, though it did produce the map pictured above. A gamemaster’s aid and city setting for tabletop roleplaying games, it seems to have been utilized by few publishers, and loved by fewer players. We stumbled on [...]

Jeffrey Beebe's Kingdom of Haluna map

Steer Clear of the Sourmires

The Atlas returns after a few days of Internet outage with this fine map for a sandbox-style roleplaying campaign from artist Jeffrey Beebe, who, besides having worked on this setting on and off (mostly off) for the last 30 years, is also the creator of the 15-year-old world of Refractoria, “a comprehensive imagino-ordinary world that is equal parts autobiography [...]

City of Kasai

City of Kasai

A beautiful hand-drawn map (drawn at 36″ x 45″) by artist Michael Tumey for the sixth and final chapter in the Jade Regent adventure path for the Pathfinder tabletop role-playing game. Definitely worth checking out this map at full resolution.

water map redux

Desirous of a Farther Augmentation

Artist Kat Masback creates some exceptional imaginary maps (among other things). Seen above is watery map redux – which is not where the title of this post comes from. For that, check her hungry river (seen at the end of this post), which quotes an 1845 report on the Mississippi River from the Army Corps of [...]

Skyrim Geological Survey Topographic Map

Skyrim Geological Survey Topographic Map

I loved topographic maps as a kid, and still do. Fortunately, the Skyrim Geological Survey, after quite an effort, has provided a topographic map of Skyrim and surrounding provinces (first spotted on r/MapPorn). For those who have ventured into Tamriel before, the map should be a delight. For those who haven’t, it should at least [...]

Steven Roy's hand-drawn map of Dungeon (Zork)

It All Starts Here…

…at least, so far as this excellent hand-drawn map of the early text-based computer dungeon-crawl Zork is concerned. In fact, the map appears to capture Zork during the brief period in which it was known as Dungeon, before a cease-and-desist letter forced it back to its original name. Drawn by one Steven Roy (about whom [...]

Magic Realm board, from Avalon Hill

A Visit to the Magic Realm

Board games are more intriguing now than they’ve been in decades, but it’s still rare to see a boardgame map as beautiful and enticing as that of Magic Realm, pictured above. Originally released in 1979, and designed by Richard Hamblen (designer of the original Merchant of Venus, the updated version of which I reviewed recently), [...]

Gretzinger map detail

The Living Map of Jerry Gretzinger

Fifty years ago, Jerry Gretzinger began to draw a map. He’s still drawing it, having let it grow in the intervening decades to an astounding 2,600 panels covering 2,000 square feet. Each panel is drawn and redrawn in an aleatoric fashion reminiscent of composers like John Cage — every morning, Gretzinger draws from a deck of [...]

iconic fantasy city map from Jonathan Roberts

Iconic Town

We’re not much given to endorsing commercial products here at the Atlas, but we love us a good fantasy city map, and the Iconic Town from Jonathan Roberts (who runs the Fantastic Maps blog) is a fine example. Better yet (at least, for those wanting to create their own similar maps for use in RPG [...]

Scarred World

Mysterious Giants Buried in the Ground

Being representative of places, many maps have a kind of natural power to make one want to visit the places represented, to enter the world depicted flatly before you. But few have the power to make one want to read about the locations that inspired the cartographer’s pen. The Scarred World shown above, produced by [...]