Steer Clear of the Sourmires

Jeffrey Beebe's Kingdom of Haluna map

The Atlas returns after a few days of Internet outage with this fine map for a sandbox-style roleplaying campaign from artist Jeffrey Beebe, who, besides having worked on this setting on and off (mostly off) for the last 30 years, is also the creator of the 15-year-old world of Refractoria, “a comprehensive imagino-ordinary world that is equal parts autobiography and pure fantasy.” Refractoria was featured on BoingBoing last November, which is not the only reason we’ve chosen this map of Beebe’s Kingdom of Haluna instead. It’s also interesting to see how a more or less traditional RPG campaign map has been influenced by the semi-confessional nature of Beebe’s main project. One effect has been to produce some terrifically evocative place names, the likes of which are rarely found on traditional RPG maps: Pounder’s Land, the Bitches Thicket, the Bay of Wrongness, the Sourmires, and a waterfall called The Plummet. Hopefully, some PCs will actually get to visit this land one day.

As usual, click below to embiggen.

Jeffrey Beebe's Kingdom of Haluna map

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  • Jeffrey Beebe May 28, 2013 Reply

    Hiya. Thanks for featuring my map. I should probably write down all of the information on Haluna somewhere but, as it is now, it just kind of floats around in my head and only comes back to me full when I look at the map. I can give you a few details which you’re probably not interested in but what the hell: Pounder is a double-sized ettin, the Sourmires are home to a cunning race of aquatic apes (brine apes) that are the descendants of the guarding apes used by the evil rulers that once held Haluna before being vanquished and scattered by the paladin armies of Donouglas; the Rift of the Earth Elementals is a huge trench being excavated by–you guessed it–earth elementals under the control of the Reluminant Brotherhood (a faction of renegade wizards that has split from the Church of Haluna)–the wizards are trying to turn their peninsula into an island; Deep Vune is a huge black metal dome hold a outpost of Drow elves; the Ravine of the Swine is home to Saburiba, a hippo-sized devil-boar, and her seraglio of six massive wereboars and . . . uh . . . and the Bitches Thicket is the home of a pair of very foul, twin sister witch-crones. And the whole campaign is set during a time of stasis and general societal malaise called the Era of Petty Gods.

    I’m having a solo show opening September 6 in Chicago at the Packer Schopf Gallery. It will feature most of the maps seen on my website (unlikely that the map of Haluna will be displayed however as it’s not “canonical” to the world of Refractoria.) So that’s what I’m focusing on right now–I’m about halfway through a huge map, my fictional version of NYC called the City of Sociopaths.

    Thanks again . . .


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