2013 June

The Homeworld Universe

The Homeworld Universe

Spotted on The Wertzone (and browse the hi-res version, complete with text)

Minecraft of Moria

The Minecraft of Moria

The map above shows the Mines of Moria as extensively excavated in Minecraft by over 40 volunteers, who dug out as many as 10 million blocks in the course of its construction. This extremely impressive mine (which you can tour on imgur) was apparently based on the mine as laid out in the movies based on the Fellowship of [...]

Fatherland's 1964 Europe

Another Europe, 1964

Map of Europe as of 1964, from the alternate-history detective novel Fatherland, by Robert Harris (spotted on Reddit):

from the sketchbook of Kurt D. Holloman

Under My Control Now

or, End of December Territory, by Kurt Hollomon

Ravka, from Leigh Bardugo's Shadow and Bone

In Ravka

Originally spotted on Reddit, the map above depicts Ravka, “a fantasy Russia of samovars and horse-drawn sleighs” in which “a breed of magician-scientist-soldiers [wield] tangible powers in the service of the realm.” If this sounds intriguing, you’re in luck: you can read about all of it in author Leigh Bardugo‘s young-adult fantasy novel Shadow and Bone, as [...]

Board game map from Soviet Russia

They Played Board Games in Soviet Russia Too

The map above is from a terrific collection of Soviet-era and other Russian board games, posted recently on archiphile Ross Wolfe‘s blog, The Charnel-House (after Wolfe spotted them on Retronaut). I’d love to know more about how these were actually played, but as maps, they are intriguing, being reimagined references to a place that itself had [...]

Far Cry 2's Leboa-Sako

Far Cry 2: A Map in the Hand

The 2008 first-person shooter game Far Cry 2 made excellent use of maps. Pictured above is the full in-game map of Leboa-Sako, the northern province of the collapsing African republic in which the game takes place. At the end of the post you can see how Leboa-Sako appears when your character consults his map on the fly: as a [...]