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The Imaginary Atlas collects maps and other images and information that describe the many places of the imagination: videogame maps, maps used in tabletop roleplaying games like Dungeons & Dragons, imaginary cities and starfields, imagined interpretations or futures of real places, and more. Its purpose is less to map the imagination than it is to help imagine what maps can be, do, and hold. Its goal is to entertain and inspire — and perhaps even give rise to a book project (stay tuned).

The Imaginary Atlas welcomes submissions of any sort. Twit us at @ImaginaryMaps, or send an email to theimaginaryatlas AT gmail DOT com.

The Imaginary Atlas is a Mark Wallace industrie.


  • Melissa Shiff June 7, 2013 Reply

    Dear Mark,

    Thanks so much for posting about our project Mapping Ararat in the middle of May. We would be happy to contribute to a future book project so please keep us in the loop. If you are going to be in the Buffalo area, you should know that the augmented reality walking tour is now fully functional so you can take a tour of “Ararat” yourself.

    Congrats on your wonderful Imaginary Atlas project!
    Keep in touch.

  • Bill Skrips July 24, 2014 Reply

    So happy to have stumbled across your site, as i’m a lover of maps and an artist. I recently started printmaking (late in life-I’ve been a sculptor forever) and your site is inspiring me into a new project…hope to contribute something soon and-please-keep me posted about a book project…
    Bill Skrips

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